Brett Eldredge is ready to introduce "Gabrielle," his return to the spotlight and country radio. The country singer revealed his brand-new single on Friday morning (April 17).

Readers can hear "Gabrielle" above. Ahead of its release, Eldredge shared that the song is the story of a love that "didn't quite work out and you always wonder what it could have been." In a press release, he explains, "It could’ve ended up being something amazing, and you wonder what they’re doing in their life right now and go back to those feelings when you hear the song."

Co-written by Eldredge with producers Daniel Tashian and Ian Fitchuk, "Gabrielle" will formally hit country radio on April 27. It's the first piece of new music to come from Eldredge since he scored his seventh No. 1 hit with "Love Someone" in 2018, and previews his fifth studio album, Sunday Drive, out July 10.

While he has stayed busy around the holidays with his wildly popular Glow Live Holiday Tour, the "Don't Ya" hitmaker has been rather quiet on social media over the last few years, intentionally pulling himself away from Instagram "noise."

"I had to find the love of what I was doing," the now 34-year-old remarked of the decision in an interview last year with the Chicago Sun-Times. "I had to get the noise out of my life for a little bit. [Social media] started to become a 24/7 thing for me. It’s like that for so many people. You start losing touch with reality."

Eldredge has not disclosed how active he'll be on social media moving forward as his music career ramps up again, but he knows he'll do things differently: "I’ll come back at some point and I think I will have a different relationship with it and not let it consume my entire life," he says.

"It can be a really powerful thing," Eldredge adds, "but I needed to take the time to work on me."

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