Brett Eldredge has released a new single, "Drunk on Your Love." The song is the second single from his recently released Illinois album.

With lines like, "I woke up, up / Still drunk, drunk / On your love, love / On your love, love, love / Now I know why, why / I'm feeling so high, high / 'Cause I'm still drunk, drunk / On your love, on your love," the song, written by Eldredge and Ross Copperman, shows off some of what the singer-songwriter learned while opening up for Taylor Swift on a few of her Red Tour dates in 2013.

“I remember when she’d be talking about some guy that did her wrong, and she’d call him out in a song and be honest with it — just say it, not scared. And if she’d fallen in love, she’d straight out say it, too,” Eldredge recalls. “People love and accept her for that. Honesty in her music is her most important thing.

“That’s what I’ve learned, to make my records sound like my own thing …,” Eldredge continues. “You can find yourself [asking], ‘Am I writing this song because this is what I’m supposed to say, or am I writing this song because this is what I want to say?’ Just write what is truthful to you.”

Eldredge actually wrote "Drunk on Your Love" a few years ago and played it for his good friend, Hayley Stommel, who in turn played it for her then-boyfriend, Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard. So when Hubbard and Stommel decided to tie the knot, the couple knew that they wanted to include "Drunk on Your Love" in the festivities.

"The night of the rehearsal [dinner], they were like, 'We want to use this as our song to unveil our whole wedding video,'" Eldredge recalls to People. "My song that I jammed with Hayley to years ago before I even had a record deal is now on their video!"

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