Brent Cobb has released his major-label debut album. Shine on Rainy Day is now available, via Low Country Sounds / Elektra Records.

Shine on Rainy Day, which dropped on Friday (Oct. 7), was produced by Cobb's cousin, Dave Cobb, the award-winning producer who has worked with Chris Stapleton and Jason Isbell, among others.

“I wanted to work with Brent for very selfish reasons," admits Dave Cobb in a press release. "When he lifts a pen and opens his mouth, it sounds like home. I did his record because he’s part of the fabric of South Georgia and the soundtrack to my family -- pure rural, country, soul-filled music.”

Shine on Rainy Day was recorded live in Nashville over the course of four days.

“It’s not as good as it’s going to get. But if it’s the last thing that I ever do, if I died the day after it came out, then thank God I was able to record it because the songs and the production, it was everything I wanted to say," says Brent Cobb. "Finally.”

Born in Ellaville, Ga. (population: 1,609), Cobb moved to Nashville in 2008. In the years since, he's earned success as a songwriter, with tunes recorded by Miranda Lambert (“Old S--t”), David Nail (“Grandpa’s Farm”) and more; his song "Down Home" is featured on Dave Cobb's Southern Family album, alongside contributions from Lambert, Stapleton, Isbell and more.

Shine on Rainy Day features 10 tracks, including "Let the Rain Come Down," "Country Bound," "South of Atlanta," and "Solving Problems." A full track listing can be seen below, and the album can be downloaded on iTunes.

Cobb has a long list of shows scheduled throughout the country from now until late November. More information can be found on his website.

Brent Cobb, Shine on Rainy Day Track Listing:

1. "Solving Problems"
2. "South of Atlanta"
3. "The World"
4. "Diggin’ Holes"
5. "Country Bound"
6. "Traveling Poor Boy"
7. "Shine on Rainy Day"
8. "Let the Rain Come Down"
9. "Down in the Gulley"
10. "Black Crow"

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