It looks like the Big & Rich reunion is stretching well beyond their Xtreme Muzik tour. After four years apart, the rowdy duo of Big Kenny and John Rich are making music together again and say a new album is "inevitable."

The Boot ran into Kenny and John on the red carpet at Thursday's 'Footloose' premiere in Franklin, Tenn. Their new song, 'Fake I.D,' scored a coveted slot on the film's soundtrack, and they promise the tune will be followed by much more to come, both on the road and in the recording studio.

"We've been on tour all summer, [playing] 50, 60 cities and another ten coming. And next year we're looking at 60 to 70 more ... So, obviously, the fans are still there," John tells The Boot. "We had a great job this summer. I think if we start buckling down ... I got a baby that was born a week ago, so doing a record is a little bit down the line in my head, but not far. We've been talking about it and think some new Big & Rich music would hit the spot here pretty soon."

John and wife Joan's new baby, Colt Daniel Rich, joins big brother Cash at home, who isn't quite two years old yet -- and is learning to adjust to having a sibling. "He came right up to him and he didn't know if he was real," the proud dad recalls. "He was poking at him and touching him on the head, and then Colt turned his head and looked at him and Cash kind of jumped, and the next thing you know, I have a picture on my phone of Cash hugging his little brother."

Big Kenny has a household of four boys with wife Christieve, including two step-sons from her previous marriage and their two young sons, 5-year-old Lincoln and 1-year-old Dakota, whom they adopted last year. The singer/songwriter/philanthropist says being a dad is his favorite role of all.

"My little one right now is about the age of Cash. They're about a month apart, actually," says Big Kenny. "Dakota runs up and grabs Lincoln from behind -- he's about five, and he just drags him around the house. He also does that with our dog Peanut, too. It's fun to watch them grow up."

The singer also had a lot of fun watching the new 'Footloose' movie, a remake of the 1984 cult classic. "It's absolutely fantastic," he reports. "They definitely stepped it up and if nothing else, they brought it to our times.The music's got the edge of our times in it."

When it comes to getting footloose, the duo agree that Big Kenny has the fancier footwork of the two, even hinting that maybe 'Dancing With the Stars' could use another competitor. "Kenny has a freestyle that you don't even want to think about," John says with a laugh. "It's outer space."

"I can't help it. Sometimes my moves are a bit aggressive," Big Kenny concedes. "And then sometimes, I'm levitating. Michael Jackson would be proud."

Big & Rich will play tomorrow night (October 8) in Washington, D.C. Keep track of their concert schedule here.