Big & Rich, the award-winning duo made up of John Rich and Big Kenny, are known as much for their energetic live shows as they are for their chart-topping tunes. But while the pair give off a flawless performance every time they hit the stage, they insist they don't use any special tricks or effects to make them sound so good.

"Auto-tune's on everything just about," Rich tells Broadway's Electric Barnyard. "I don't know if listeners know what that is, but if somebody sings a little sharp or a little flat, it makes the note go exactly where it's supposed to be"

Auto-tune is a widely accepted tool in Nashville. According to the Nashville Scene, artists such as Tim McGraw, Sara Evans and Rascal Flatts rely on the device to help them sound their best, while other vocalists like Martina McBride, Vince Gill and Trisha Yearwood shun any outside help.

While Rich doesn't want to criticize other artists who rely on the extra help to give their best live performance, he says fans can rest assured Big & Rich will never use auto-tune

"The thing with Big & Rich, we're singing together the whole time, so you can't really do auto-tune on us. We ebb and flow with each other -- that Big & Rich buzz between our vocals that happens, is just a thing. You don't mess with that," he states. "So we never have been concerned about perfection. We just want to have that buzz, and make sure the soul is right about what we do."

Big & Rich will have a chance to perfect their harmony when they head back into the studio early next year to record a brand new album.

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