Country artists put out all sorts of new singles this week! Read on to listen to an iconic cover, a tune about the seedy underbelly of country life and a classic love song. Which one's your favorite?

Asleep at the Wheel, "Seven Nights to Rock":

Fresh on the heels of announcing the release of their first new material in over a decade, Asleep at the Wheel have shared their own vintage take on “Seven Nights to Rock.” The song, originally written more than 50 years ago by Buck Trail, Henry Glover and Louis Innis, is the fourth track on the group’s upcoming release, New Routes. Past artists to cover the song, which is about hitting the town with a different girl each night, include Moon Mullican, Nick Lowe and the one and only Bruce Springsteen. New Routes will be released on Sept. 14.

Whitey Morgan and the 78s, "Honky Tonk Hell":

Whitey Morgan and the 78’s have shared a down-and-dirty new track, “Honky Tonk Hell,” from their upcoming album, Hard Times and White Lines. "Honky Tonk Hell" paints a dark story about a bar that only the toughest of people even consider patronizing: "The doors are always open / And you're welcome inside / The whiskey and women / Or whatever you like,” Morgan sings of the the place, which can cast a spell on the unsuspecting. “You'll never check out of this heartbreak hotel / A man can get caught up / Down in this honky-tonk hell." Hard Times and White Lines will be released on Oct. 26.

Cash Campbell, "The In Between":

Cash Campbell is getting all sorts of sentimental in his latest single, “The In Between.” The upbeat song is an ode to what it feels like to be so in love that you want it to last forever and ever. “I’m so excited for fans to hear “The In Between,” Campbell says. “It was inspired by the feeling that happens when you’re with a person so special, you feel like you’re on top of the world — between where heaven meets the stars. I think the song captures perfectly the feel of never wanting to let go of that dream-like moment that you wish could last for an eternity.” “The In Between” was written by Campbell, Peer Astrom, Kevin Bean and Geoffrey Ashcraft.

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