Andy Griggs is back on the airwaves for the first time since 2007 with a new single, 'Can I Get an Amen.' The track from his upcoming album represents a first in Andy's 17-year-career. He co-wrote and produced the single on his own.

"Last year was a great building and self-fulfilling year," Andy writes in his blog [quote via CMTT]. "It's the first time I went into the studio to cut a new album with myself ... no label, no producer. I had a blast. I was me ... just me. My goal was to capture something in the studio that said, 'This is me,' and sounded like my live show. I believe we did just that."

To express who he is as an artist, Andy is tapping deep into some of his biggest musical influences.

"So far, we have seven cuts. Lucky seven!" he writes. "We did three cover songs in my style, at the request of fans who have heard me play them live. What a feeling to cut these legendary songs!

"I cut Hank [Williams] Sr.'s 'Ramblin' Man.' We also cut 'Don't Think Hank Done it That Way,' an old Waylon [Jennings] tune that I loved to hear him perform. It brought back so many memories of the times Waylon and I spent together ... I sure do miss 'Hoss.' Another cover we did for this album is 'Lady Down on Love,' an Alabama hit that I have done many times. I had the privilege to record this version with two of my favorite singers, Jeff Bates and Daryle Singletary."

Following its release to radio in January, Andy's new single has been garnering a lot of support, which actually caught the singer pleasantly off guard.

"I have to admit, the first time I played the single live, before it was released, I didn't know how the crowd would react," he writes. "I was totally taken back when they screamed so loud and long it was hard to start my next song. Bryan White was with me and leaned over and said, 'Andy, my friend, you've got a hit on your hands.'

"When I got the call the next day that the Wall Street Journal had written about it, I got this funny feeling in my stomach," he continues. "By the end of that day, the Washington Wire and the Los Angeles Times had also written about it. It was unreal to have a song that hadn't even been sent to radio yet, getting that much attention!"

Andy explains that deejays are encouraging fans to call in with their opinions of the song, since it broaches the subjects of freedom and God. "That's the great thing about America -- we can have our own opinion and let everyone know about it!"

'Can I Get an Amen' is available to purchase at iTunes. Fans can hear the single on Andy's website.

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