Since her first Grammy award in 1990 for Best Bluegrass Recording ('I've Got That Old Feeling'), Alison Krauss has won more Grammy trophies than any other female artist in history.

Claiming a total of 26 Grammys, including five in 2009 for 'Raising Sand,' the duet album with rocker Robert Plant, is an impressive achievement but it's not something the fiddle-playing singer/producer thinks about with any regularity.

"I don't go there much," Alison tells The Boot. "You're thrilled that people would recognize what you're doing in such a grand kind of way. But, just like you don't know if anybody's really going to like what you're doing when you put a record out or if anybody's going to pay attention to it, you can't really go there."

Alison has, however, had ample opportunity to literally "go there," finding herself among those in the audience at live Grammy telecasts. Experiencing behind-the-scenes action those of us at home never get to see, she's had more than a few special memories to take away from the show, along with all that Grammy gold.

"My favorite one was watching Beyoncé and Prince rehearse," Alison says, recalling the 2004 ceremony during which the pair opened the show with a mash-up of their hits. "It was amazing! We were sitting up front and then they asked us all to move back. And I bet they did because my jaw was hanging on the floor [laughs]. 'That gal whose chin is draggin' the floor, can we get her to sit back?'"

Alison will have the opportunity to "sit back" at this year's awards show, as she didn't release any new music during the current Grammy eligibilty period. She could, however, very easily return to the Grammy stage next year to claim honors for the soon-to-be-released album, 'Paper Airplane,' her first with Union Station since 2004's 'Lonely Runs Both Ways.' That album was a triple-winner in 2005, including being named Best Country Album.

The Grammy Awards will air live from Los Angeles, February 13 at 8:00 PM ET on CBS.

Alison Krauss Interview

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