Alan Jackson puts his heart on the screen in his just-released "You'll Always Be My Baby" lyric video. The song is for his daughters, Mattie, Alexandra and Dani Grace, and this video makes them the stars.

It's a walk down memory lane: Jackson sings as snapshots of his three girls through the years roll across the screen. Childhood photos of one of his daughters walking around in her father's too-big shoes and another with his logo tattooed on her face slide by alongside a photo of the whole family joining him onstage during his 2002 holiday special, Alan Jackson: Let It Be Christmas.

The singer also captures such milestones as gifting a 16-year-old Alexandra her first car, dancing with her at her wedding and walking eldest daughter Mattie down the aisle on her wedding day. "But you’ll always be my baby / No matter where you are / You'll always be my baby / Forever in my heart," Jackson sings.

Jackson wrote "You'll Always Be My Baby" in honor of his daughters on their respective wedding days. He performed the song at the 2021 ACM Awards in a nostalgic mashup with his classic hit "Drive."

"I wrote the song for Mattie’s wedding the summer of 2017, but it was so hard to do," the country icon shares in a press release. "I told ’em, ‘I wrote this for all of you.'"

Jackson also wrote a companion song to "You'll Always Be My Baby" called "I Do." Both tracks are featured on his upcoming album, Where Have You Gone, which is due out on May 14.

The new record will be Jackson's first album release since 2015. Thus far, he's also shared the new songs "Way Down in My Whiskey" and "Things That Matter."

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