This week, country stars shared cross-genre anthems old school country throwbacks, messages of summery romance and meditations on hitting rock bottom, and much more. Read on to hear all the latest new tracks!

Aaron Lewis, "The Bottom":

Ahead of releasing his new album, State I'm In, Aaron Lewis has shared a new track off of the project. “The Bottom” is a somber song that mourns the passing of a relationship that brought Lewis to his lowest point. The aching songs opens with vivid imagery: “Elevator operator / Looks at me and smiles that weary smile / I'm sure my looks could easily deceive / The very wisest of them all / And he says / ‘Are you goin' to the penthouse / Or the condo that lies just beyond / The chapel door?’ / I smile back and softly tell him, ‘No / I'm headed to the bottom,’" he sings on the track. "The Bottom" was penned by Waylon Payne. -- CC

Kalie Shorr, "Awake":

Kalie Shorr’s new single, “Awake,” is the title track of her 2018 EP, but after a trip to the West Coast, the singer decided to give the song a musical makeover. Shorr has simultaneously released “Awake” for both country and pop radio. She originally co-wrote the song with Skip Black, but Matt Ferree produced the pop mix, which features former American Idol contestant Jonn Brenns. “It’s not a secret that I’m inspired by a wide variety of music,” says Shorr in a press release. “[My time in LA] was really freeing creatively and the perfect kind of challenge for me to grow as a writer.” -- CC

Steve Earle, "L.A. Freeway":

The latest release from Steve Earle is a cover of Guy Clark's "L.A. Freeway;" it’s the the second song he’s shared from his Guy album, a tribute to the late singer-songwriter, guitar player and personal friend to Earle. For his rendition of the 1975 song, Earle delivers the powerful lyrics with his signature relaxed and raspy voice: “If I can just get off of this LA freeway / Without getting killed or caught / I'd be down that road in a cloud of smoke / For some land that I ain't bought ...Guy will be released on March 29. -- CC

David Lee Murphy, "No Zip Code":

David Lee Murphy has shared the title track off of his latest album, No Zip Code, as his newest single. "No Zip Code" is a song all about the beauty and serenity that comes with living way out in the country. Murphy sings about how everyone just wants their own little slice of Heaven: “We all wanna live out in the country / Way back off an old gravel road / Pick a little spot where they can't find us / No address and no zip code.” “No Zip Code” is headed to radio on March 4; the song was penned by Murphy alongside Jesse Murphy and Shane Minor. -- CC

Riley Green, "In Love By Now":

As his current single, "There Was This Girl," is still heating up in country radio's Top 10, Riley Green has shared another new song with fans. A hard-rocking heartache anthem, "In Love By Now" is a wistful tribute to the one that got away, and is already far out of reach. "She's probably in love by now / a girl like that don't stay lonely long," Green sings in the chorus. "I bet she's already found / somebody else / and he ain't doin' her wrong..." -- CL

Adam Hambrick, "All You, All Night, All Summer":

Adam Hambrick's latest release is a summery breath of fresh air at the end of winter. "All You, All Night, All Summer" delves into the story of a small-town summer romance that leaves a powerful memory behind. "It was July magic / It was bare feet / The radio cranked with the doors off the Jeep," he sings in the chorus. "'All You, All Night, All Summer' is a good way to give listeners another taste of what the record will be like and is a great complement to my radio single, 'Rockin' All Night Long,'" Hambrick explains. "Also, it's February, and we thought everybody could use a little summer in their life." -- CL

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