Country songwriter Adam Hambrick has written hits for artists such as Dan + Shay and Justin Moore, the latter of whom helped discover Hambrick when he was still an aspiring musician living in Arkansas. Now, Hambrick is branching out to explore his performer side with his debut single, "Rockin' All Night Long," which came out in September of 2018.

"Rockin' All Night Long" examines a variety of after-midnight activities, looking back at the more raucous days of youth with an homage to Don McClean's 1971 classic "American Pie." However, the narrative of the song takes an unexpected, emotional turn. Read on to learn more about the story behind the track, and how Hambrick was inspired to write it.

I like to tell people that it's kind of about the moments that are too important to sleep on!

It came from [a time when] I was rocking my daughter to sleep. It was when she was a fresh baby -- she was, like, a month old -- and I just remember rocking and rocking, and as I was rocking, I thought, "This would be a hilarious 'beer and tailgate' kind of country song -- I'll just write that."

But then, I just started thinking about how much bigger the story could be, and kind of how, wherever you are in life, a lot of times, the best things do happen late at night. That's kind of how I got the song.

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