The Zac Brown Band are famous for creating their own wonderful musical melange, blending country, rock, folk and pop. So it's no surprise that lead singer Zac Brown is eager to throw even more into the group's mix.

When we asked Zac at a recent AOL Sessions taping whom he'd love to record with, he brought up Cee Lo Green, the R&B rapper/singer best known as half of Gnarls Barkley and for his current smash, 'F--- You.' "He's an unbelievable singer, rapper, writer, producer," Zac says.

But his admiration goes further than that. Zac says his next project will be an "urban collaboration" CD. "He doesn't know it yet, but I'm gonna ask [Cee Lo] to produce it with me," Zac says. Both Cee Lo and Zac are from Atlanta, a hotbed of R&B/rap talent with such artists as Outkast and Ludacris also in the 404.

"I think I can pair a different musician with a different urban artist on each tune. It would be a really unique project," Zac continues. "It would be something that nobody would really see coming, but just to see a hook and play some guitar parts around it would be like organic rap."

Of course, it's not the first time that rap and country have melded together: Tim McGraw and rapper Nelly had a smash with 'Over and Over' in 2004, but Zac's effort to create an entire album would be a first.

Zac Brown Band - Live at Red Rocks


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