Zac Brown is as talented in the kitchen as he is on the stage, and it sounds like he may take his cooking prowess to the small screen someday.

The Zac Brown Band are known for their pre-concert "eat-and-greets," where they treat about 200 lucky fans to pictures, autographs and a huge spread of down-home southern fare. Most everything on the buffet is an original Zac Brown recipe, cooked in a 53-foot tractor trailer that serves as a "kitchen on wheels." The 'Knee Deep' singer is a former restaurant owner and has his own cookbook, 'Southern Ground.'

"We've talked about it," Zac tells the Associated Press of a possible ZBB cooking show. "We've filmed a lot of the stuff, a lot of the cooking elements, to possibly put a show together, and we definitely will do that one day."

If it happens, expect there to be a dash of comedy on the show, as well. "Our lives in general are just pretty entertaining," Zac insists. "Getting that good content together and putting it out there, there's a lot of that to come."

Watch Zac Talk Food

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