The Grammy-winning Zac Brown Band are back with a brand-new single, “Same Boat.” The band released the upbeat song on Friday (June 11); fans can get a listen below.

"Same Boat," written by Brown with frequent collaborator Ben Simonetti and Jonathan Singleton, will take fans back to the good-time vibes of "Chicken Fried," and "Toes," but the song also offers poignantly timely themes of unity and hope. The ZBB leader shares in a press release that the song "is really about the human condition."

"It’s about how we all go through the same things, all together. It is a chance to be able to remind people to be positive, be good to each other and show empathy. You don’t know what it’s like to walk around in someone else’s shoes," Brown muses. "We’re all human beings. Let’s spread some love around and show kindness to each other.”

Zac Brown Band recorded "Same Boat" at the Southern Ground Nashville recording studio, once they were able to be back in the studio together safely following the COVID-19 pandemic. It features contributions from the entire band: stacked vocal harmonies, organic percussion, energetic violin, jaunty whistles and good ol' hand claps.

Brown and company will celebrate "Same Boat" with their upcoming Comeback Tour, which follows their unexpected 14-month, pandemic-prompted hiatus from touring and will take the band to venues including Boston’s Fenway Park (Aug. 8) and Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena (Oct. 17).

“We couldn’t be more excited to get back out on the road and share our new music with our fans,” Brown says as the band's tour preparations shift into high gear. “It’s been a long, difficult year for everyone, and we’re fired up to be reuniting with our crew, get back on tour and celebrate a brand-new world.”

Did You Know? "Same Boat" is Zac Brown Band's first song with their new record label, Warner Music Nashville/Home Grown Music.

Zac Brown Band, "Same Boat" Lyrics:

We're all in the same boat / Fishing in the same holes / Wondering where the same time goes / We're all in the same boat ...

We could all believe what we believe / And peacefully agree to disagree / But you can't judge a man until you walk a country mile in his shoes ...


We're all in the same boat / Fishin' in the same holes / Wonderin' where the same time goes / And money, too / Try'na fix the same broke hearts / Wishin' on the same stars / We're all hopin' hope floats / And we're all in the same boat ...

We all been kicked and knocked around / But you ain't gonna keep a good man down / You can run like hell from your mistakes / But you can't hide from your truth ...

Repeat Chorus

Share them beaches if you're holdin' / Take those shots and keep reloadin' / If you can't be nice / Don't say nothing at all / So help somebody that might be strugglin' / Spread a little love, gotta give back somethin' / If the ship keeps rockin' / We'll all go overboard ...

Repeat Chorus

Yeah, we're all hopin' hope floats / We're all in the same boat ...

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