'Knee Deep' has taken up residence in the country chart's penthouse this week, marking the Zac Brown Band's eighth No. 1 single. It also marks the second No. 1 country single for Jimmy Buffett, who's featured on the track and tops the charts for the first time since his 2003 collaboration with Alan Jackson, 'It's Five O'Clock Somewhere.'

"We all know summer is a time for beach relaxation and leisure reading. However, for the rest of us, summer is the chance to accurately calculate just how many beers it takes to jump from the roof to the backyard pool," the ZBB guys joke about the inspiration behind 'Knee Deep.'

The song and its hilarious video have inspired a new contest hosted by Zac Brown Band. The guys are asking fans to tell them about your craziest summer adventure. Submit your stories here for a chance to win a prize package that includes a T-shirt, a Kingsford grill pack and a handwritten message in a bottle from Zac and Jimmy -- the same note and bottle seen in the 'Knee Deep' video. (Watch it below.)

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