On Wednesday night, July 21, Wynonna Judd, her daughter and tour manager were on their way out to a sushi restaurant in Salt Lake City when they were involved in a head-on accident that sent the three of them to the hospital.

"It's a miracle that I'm alive," Wynonna told the Lake Tahoe Daily Tahoe Tribune Thursday morning. "I was in a major head-on collision (Wednesday) and they didn't want to let me out of the hospital. I said, 'Listen ... I've got to go do a show.' The guys were like, 'If anybody can Wynonna, it's you. You've shown us that you have quite the spunk.'"

Displaying her trademark wit, Wyonna's wry response was, "Listen, I've spent 10 years on a bus with my mother. If I can do that I can do anything!'"

After being treated, Wynonna, her daughter and tour manager were released at midnight ... shaken and sore, but thankful to be alive.

"It was pretty dramatic but I'm OK," she said the next day. "One day you're on top of the world and the next day you're in the emergency room with a CAT scan and you think, 'Gosh, life is pretty precious and it's pretty fragile sometimes ... and it's a miracle that I survived this crash.

"It was quite a day and I got on the bus at midnight feeling pretty lousy. I woke up this morning and I thought, 'Hmm, I think I'll do five interviews."

Wynonna is scheduled to perform tonight (Friday) at the Jackson County Fair in Central Point, Ore., near Medford. She says she'll be sore, but she's promising fans that she will be in a most exultant state of mind when she hits that stage.

"Tonight's show will be spectacular because I'll be in a mood somewhere between being absolutely overjoyed that I'm OK and my daughter's OK, to just kicking the enemy's butt and saying, 'Yep, you didn't win today, buddy.'"

Wynonna will also perform July 31 in Truckee at the Lake Tahoe Music Festival.

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