Coming soon to "Dancing with the Stars" -- a new, uninhibited Wynonna. After getting her feet wet during the first two weeks of the ballroom dance competition, the country music icon is ready to step up her game, literally and figuratively. "They just did a really good thing, they gave me permission to unleash my inner tigress," says Wynonna, after receiving a nod from DWTS judge Carrie Ann Inaba to really let loose in the weeks ahead. "I'm ready. It's just the second show. It feels like we've been dancing a lot longer than that. I think it's time. I've been a little in my head, I will admit. Wouldn't you be if you were (dancing) with a world champion? I also have to remember this is about joy and celebration and I'm really good at that. I love a good parade."

Fresh off their Quickstep performance on Monday night's episode, Wynonna and her pro dance partner Tony Dovolani had nothing but love to share for the competition and each other.

"Together we are gonna go places," the singer-songwriter tells The Boot, speaking of her friendship with Tony. "We just are, I can feel it. It's not going to end here at 'Dancing With the Stars.' When I met him I knew he was a world champion and all that but when you do a show like this you are literally thrown together. I have nothing in common with Jacoby (Jones) or Andy (Dick) or some of these characters, yet we're already pretty tight. It's amazing. You see shows like this and you think, 'Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's for the ratings.' But it is true. We're all scared and we're all excited and we all want to win and do well. The playing field is absolutely even for everybody when we show up. We're all trying to do our best."

Adam Taylor, ABC
Adam Taylor, ABC

Of course a great source of encouragement for Team Wynonna is the outpouring of support they have already received from legions of country music fans.

"Country fans are the most loyal," says Wynonna. "You should see my tweets. It's very, very heartwarming. One woman wrote in and said, 'I tried to dance but I can't and I'm amazed that you're doing it.' Honestly, I forgot about myself taking care of my husband. I came into this not being in the fittest shape and yet I'm doing it. I've had a couple of moments where I'm breathing heavy, but I'm getting stronger and stronger. I'm just grateful to be dancing with Tony. I seriously said I will not do the show unless Tony can be my teacher because I really love his spirit."

Wynonna has spent the better portion of the last seven months caring for her husband, Cactus Moser, after he was involved in a severe motorcycle accident that severed his left leg and shattered his hand. So she's excited about the prospect of focusing on something like "Dancing With the Stars," but not without some inner struggle. It surfaced during the behind-the-scenes package played before her Quickstep, which showed the brazen star a bit tearful at times.

"I got way into my head as I was realizing, 'Uh oh, I leave in just a couple of days and I leave my farm and I'm missing spring in the South and Easter with my family," she recalls. "I'll miss my animals and all that. So it was a lot of personal stuff, it was nothing professional."

The "Dancing With the Stars" results show airs tonight (March 26) on ABC at 9:00 PM ET, during which one couple will be eliminated from the competition.

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