Willie Nelson shows no signs of slowing down, with an up-tempo new track and corresponding video of the singer playing acoustic guitar. Nelson just released "Ready to Roar," ahead of his upcoming album release.

"Ready to Roar," track number six off of Last Man Standing, has the familiar message of working hard on the weekdays to be able to cut loose once the work is through. Nelson sings about putting in the work, "I’ve been pickin’ this up and puttin’ that down / Tired of my boss bossin’ me around / I’m changin’ my clothes and headin’ into town / To light a little up and drink a little down."

Despite clearly feeling fed up with working so hard, Nelson's song is an easy listen that has a carefree and warm feeling. The point of relaxing once the week is through is hammered home in the mellow chorus, "Ready to roar, ready to roar / It’s Friday night and I’m ready to roar / I’m hot and dusty and I’m tire and wore / But it’s Friday night and I’m ready to roar." Press play above to hear the whole song.

Last Man Standing, like much of Nelson's recent work, deals with themes of mortality, aging and watching good friends die. The album is slotted for release on April 27, just two days before Nelson's 85th birthday.

"Ready to Roar" is available for purchase on iTunes now.

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