Sara Evans has reunited with her longtime video director, Peter Zavadil, to release a powerful new music video for her song "Marquee Sign." Readers can press play above to watch the hard-hitting video about being misled in life and love. The video was filmed in a small town outside of Nashville and captures a smoke-filled, throwback look at the rose-colored glasses that people want us to see them through.

In the video, Evans sits at a bar with a cigarette as she sings about wishing that romantic partners came with warning labels like a pack of smokes does. A string of couples appear in the video, eventually in T-shirts emblazoned with the warnings we all wish we could see ahead of time, including "I am an alcoholic," "I will leave you" and "I am afraid of commitment."

Evans' impassioned song ruminates about how warnings up in marquee lights would make love easier and heartache more avoidable. The smoky video, including Evans' retro makeup and jumpsuit conjures up something akin to morning-after regret, old Las Vegas style.

"Marquee Sign" is the single off her latest album Words, the first album that the country star released on her own record label, Born to Fly Records. The song was written by Evans, Jimmy Robbins and Heather Morgan.

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