One year into the COVID-19 pandemic, Vandoliers' new single "Every Saturday Night" hits a little harder. The song is a wistful look back at youth, but also an apt description of how many feel about life before social distancing and face masks.

""Every Saturday Night" is about the value of hindsight, and not appreciating what we've got 'til it’s gone," Vandoliers share in a press release. "Often we don't even realize how misspent our youth was until the benefit of hindsight proves we took for granted all the good times we'll never get back."

"I took for granted every Saturday night / With my rowdy friends and the love of my life," sings lead singer and guitarist Joshua Fleming, painting a scene of carefree nights out: singing along to the music as the bartender calls last call, then driving home as the sun rises; enjoying a bonfire from a pickup tailgate, sipping moonshine and snuggling up with someone you love.

"I shoulda stayed a little longer / I shoulda sang a little louder, I suppose / I shoulda told you I loved you / I was young, darling, I didn't know," Fleming continues.

Produced by Eric Delegard, "Every Saturday Night" was recorded at Denton, Texas' Reeltime Audio. Listeners will see footage from that recording session, captured by Rico DeLeon, in the accompanying music video.

Vandoliers are Fleming, bassist Mark Moncrieff, drummer Guyton Sanders, fiddle player Travis Curry, electric guitarist Dustin Fleming and multi-instrumentalist Cory Graves. The Dallas-Fort Worth-based group combine punk, retro country and Tex-Mex influences to create their signature sound; in fact, Fleming was in a punk band prior to assembling the six-piece outfit.

Vandoliers formed in 2015 and released their debut album, Ameri-Kinda. Their most recent album, their third, is 2019's Forever.

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