Throughout 2015, country artists have released music videos that have made us laugh, made us cry, made us sit back and think and made us get up and dance.

This year's best country music videos were set on a tropical island, at a Waffle House and in a fishing boat, and the artists donned outfits ranging from powder blue tuxedos to bright red cowboy boots. Miranda Lambert, Dierks Bentley, Brad Paisley and more released some of the best country music videos of the year -- at least, according to us.

The following are The Boot's picks for the Top 10 music videos of 2015.

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    'Girl Crush'

    Little Big Town

    Little Big Town received lots of publicity for "Girl Crush," as most country music fans are aware, but we think the song's music video also deserves attention because it's classy to the max and smartly lets the song's lyrics speak for themselves. LBT have released many types of music videos over the years, but "Girl Crush" is their most subdued. It's the only video on this list shot in black and white -- and it's gorgeous.

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    'Break Up With Him'

    Old Dominion

    Old Dominion scored their first No. 1 hit with "Break Up With Him," and the music video that followed is a time-warped clip honoring the 30th anniversary of the popular film Back to the Future. It's clever, quirky and innovative, with the band's lead singer, Matthew Ramsey, playing the part inspired by Marty McFly -- suave, smooth and oh so good looking. The other band members appear in the clip, too -- so you don't want to miss this fun video!

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    'I'm to Blame'

    Kip Moore

    Old-school tuxedos? Check. A runaway bride? Check. Moore's "I'm to Blame" music video is one of the most hilarious videos of 2015, and it nods to his wacky and mischievous sense of humor. The singer came up with the clip's concept on his own, so he's to blame (pun intended!) for all of the antics that happen in its four minutes.

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    'Shut Up and Fish'

    Maddie & Tae

    "Shut up and fish." The title of this Maddie & Tae song alone is pretty darn fun, but its music video is even moreso. If you've heard Maddie & Tae's "Girl in a Country Song," you know that they are two independent, lovable singers who aren't afraid to show some attitude and stick up for themselves, and "Shut Up and Fish" shows what happens when a city slicker (who is actually played by Tae Dye's brother) is more interested in kissing than fishing. Fun fact: The storyline is inspired by true events. This video got us hook, line and sinker in 2015!

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    'Little Red Wagon'

    Miranda Lambert

    Lambert's "Little Red Wagon" video is one of our favorites from the year because sass, sass and more sass oozes out of the lighthearted clip -- but it's also heartbreaking because it will remind country fans of her and ex-husband Blake Shelton's pre-divorce relationship, as she sports a belt proudly claiming her spot as Mrs. Shelton. The clip has almost 20 million views from fans who really want the backyard swagger that Lambert always sports. Excuse us as we go watch it again. And again. And again.

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    'Die a Happy Man'

    Thomas Rhett

    Rhett's "Die a Happy Man" music video was the most love-filled clip of them all in 2015. It's all footage of Rhett and his wife Lauren, and if anyone isn't sure that true love exists, all they need to do is watch this video: The smiles on the couple's faces mixed with the gorgeous scenery and the ultra-romantic moments are just perfect. Simply seeing the tenderness in Rhett's eyes as he looks at his wife is enough to make us believe in committed love.

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    Dierks Bentley

    Bentley's "Riser" music video tells the true story of Amy, a formerly homeless single mom. Bentley's goal with the clip was to spotlight the "risers" among us -- those who have risen from the ashes, so to speak, and stepped with determination toward hope. The clip also features Safe Haven Family Shelter, the organization that assisted Amy.

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    'Real Life'

    Jake Owen

    If you say the words "Waffle House" to a country music fan, after this year, their mind probably goes to one thing: Owen's "Real Life" music video, which partially takes place in a real-life Waffle House restaurant. While the clip itself is highly entertaining, the song's lyrics show off Owen's serious side. Owen's mama, twin brother and friends all appear in the clip, making it that much more authentic to the country star's real life.

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    'Crushin' It'

    Brad Paisley

    We already knew Paisley was talented, but his "Crushin' It" music video shows off a whole new side of the singer. The animated clip, featuring country music stars as superheros, is hilarious, of course -- and it was also created, drawn and animated by Paisley. It features everyone from Blake Shelton (General B.S) to Keith Urban (Captain Australia) to Eric Church (the Churchmouse), just to name a few. Paisley's ceativity and originality shine in this clip ... He sure crushed it with this video!

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    'Take Your Time'

    Sam Hunt

    If we had to pick one video that touched our hearts the most in 2015, it would be Hunt's "Take Your Time." The singer-songwriter chose to raise awareness of domestic violence, and the clip is dark, gritty ... and honest. It's a music video that's completely out of the norm, and we're grateful for artists like Hunt who use their platform to spread awareness about heartbreaking issues such as abuse.

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