Kip Moore stirs up trouble in his new "I'm to Blame" music video, but it's all in the name of love.

The video, directed by Peter Zavadil and with a concept dreamed up by Moore, begins with two tux-laden guys throwing back a few, when one of them says, "Dude, last night -- hooked up with this amazing girl." His friend looks at him and asks, "You sure you want to get married today?"

"Family's worth millions, man. Absolutely. Big bucks," is the groom's response. Oh boy.

The video cuts to Moore and his band, and they're all donning light blue suits that are clearly from a few decades earlier. "Do we really have to wear these?" one of his guys asks.

"Look, all they said was we had to show up in 'em. They didn't say anything about us havin' to stay in 'em," Moore replies -- clearly, they are in the wedding band.

In the next scene, the bride and groom prepare to say their vows. The antsy groom wants the minister to hurry it up (probably scheming how he'll spend all the family's money!) while the bride looks more and more queasy as time goes on. Finally, the minister says, "Speak now or forever hold their peace."

Silence -- then, the doors open, and with a rush of sunshine, Moore and his band walk in. Cue raucous singing, a more-than-relieved bride and Moore coming to the rescue. He's a knight in a blue tuxedo a fitted T-shirt and disarming grin, and soon he and the bride run off, leaving an angry -- and humiliated -- groom behind.

Moore came up with the concept on his own, and it all began with the tuxedos.

"I was picturing those terrible, powder-blue, old-school tuxedos. The idea started there, and we really wanted to have some fun with it," he says. "I try not to take myself too seriously all the time!"

"I'm to Blame" is the lead single off of Moore's upcoming sophomore album, and he wanted to be sure it was a bit mischievous and more like him than picture-perfect love stories.

"It’s going to be very different then a lot of the country videos, that’s for sure,” he hinted prior to the clip's release. “The fans are going to get a chance to see me in a quirky kind of light.”

While some country stars like to be at the front and center, Moore likes to include his band, just as he did in this video.

“I like to, any chance I get, to put those guys in the forefront. I like to have those guys in the videos with me because I couldn’t do it without them," he explains. "They’re so charismatic in their own right."

"I'm to Blame" gives a glimpse into Moore's new record, which has been a long time coming and has been delayed a couple times, but Moore promises that it will be worth the wait. To keep fans satiated (to a point), Moore released a five-song live EP, Soundcheck, in September.