It's a big week for Kip Moore. The Georgia native, who is embarking on his headlining tour, CMT on Tour 2014: Up in Smoke, on Thursday (Sept. 25), has released a surprise five-song live streaming EP in advance of opening night.

“We’ve been working toward this moment for a long time,” the 'Dirt Road' singer says of his big week (quote via “To headline our own tour has been the ultimate goal for us. What we do on stage best describes who I am as an artist. I’m floored that dates are already sold out. We’ve been working hard to make sure that the fans get their money’s worth and we’re going to put everything we have on stage every single night to do just that.”

The 'Soundcheck' EP includes five songs from his upcoming 'Smoke' album, which he says shows more of who he is as an artist than his freshman 'Up All Night' album.

“This record, I can’t believe it actually because I was in such a desperate place writing the first one, but this one has even more desperation and more passion than the first one for me,” he says. “This is a much more intense record than the first one. It’s a more in-the-present record as opposed to a nostalgic record like the first one. I believe in this record wholeheartedly. There’s a lot more me shining through on this record.”

'Smoke' has been a long time in the making. The 34-year-old delayed the album's release date in order to make a record he fully believed in.

“It’s definitely a very intense record, but there’s also a lot of really good-feeling songs on this record,” Moore explains. “I think that even some of the ones that might carry heavier subjects still make ya feel good … which is kind of what ‘Hey Pretty Girl’ did, but this is in another kind of light. This record is a really good-feeling record. It’s just a very intense record.”

See a track listing for Moore's EP below, and listen to it on Spotify here.

Moore will be joined on the road by Charlie Worsham and Sam Hunt. A list of upcoming dates and ticket information are available here.

Kip Moore, 'Soundcheck' Track Listing:

1. ‘Beer Money'
2. ‘Come and Get It’
3. ‘Hang a While’
4. ‘Heart's Desire’
5. ‘Lipstick'