Kip Moore has released the lyric video for his latest single, "I'm to Blame."

The clip showcases the lyrics of the song as Moore sings about being a bad boy and photos of boardrooms and minivans are replaced by pool tables and trucks.

Moore has been singing "I'm to Blame" on the road for a few years, but the tune also serves as a preview of what fans can expect to hear on Moore's upcoming sophomore album. Moore was set to release his second album in 2014, but it was delayed when the first two singles didn't fare well on radio.

“Sometimes life hands you a card that you might not have wanted, and you’ve got to learn how to play that card,” Moore says. “I have a lot of fans who are mad about it taking this long. But we still need that big single to get up the charts in order for [the record company] to release the album ... When "Dirt Road" stalled out, we had to regroup. We had to regroup and come up with something else. There was a lot of disagreeing in certain things, and I can be very bullheaded, too. But in the end we all agreed on what’s the best way to move forward.

“[It] is going to be a stronger record," he adds. "I love the other stuff I was doing, and I love this new stuff. The other stuff is going to find its way out at some point, but it just might not have fit with what this new record has become."

Moore released a five-song live EP, Soundcheck, in September. "I'm to Blame" is available on iTunes and Amazon.