Peruse your local record store (if you still have one) and in between countless copies of country's top-selling discs, you'll find the CDs by artists who have been forgotten -- or worse, never quite discovered at all. Success in the music business is a proverbial crap-shoot, and some never catch the break they so richly deserve. With that in mind, The Boot counts down 10 of our favorite unsung acts of the past few years.

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10. Sarah Buxton

Standout Song: 'Space'

Taste of Success: She wrote 'Stupid Boy,' a Grammy-winning Top 5 hit for Keith Urban.

What You're Missing: A voice that's as graceful as it is gritty and songs that'll reach right inside and tear out your heart. She's also one of the sweetest, cutest, funniest women you'll ever meet.

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9. Eli Young Band

Standout Song: 'When It Rains'

Taste of Success: 'Always the Love Songs' peaked at No. 11 on the country chart.

What You're Missing: On record they're catchy as all get-out, but it's the group's electrifying live show that will absolutely blow you away.

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8. Elizabeth Cook

Standout Song: 'Sometimes It Takes Balls to Be a Woman'

Taste of Success: Rolling Stone called her "country's 21st century answer to Roger Miller."

What You're Missing: Songs as potent and endearing as any Loretta Lynn or Dolly Parton ever created. She can be side-splittingly funny or eeirly dark.

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7. Jedd Hughes

Standout Song: 'High Lonesome'

Taste of Success: He's the co-writer of Josh Gracin's Top 5 hit, 'Stay With Me (Brass Bed)'.

What You're Missing: A cool hybrid of Keith Urban and Vince Gill. Killer guitar skills, songwriting chops and movie-star good looks.

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6. Katrina Elam

Standout Song: 'Love Is'

Taste of Success: Her songs have been covered by Reba McEntire and Carrie Underwood, and she starred in 'Pure Country 2: The Gift.'

What You're Missing: The sultry, sexy Oklahoman has a voice to match. We surrender.

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5. Andy Griggs

Standout Song: 'Can I Get an Amen'

Taste of Success: 'You Won't Ever Be Lonely' was a No. 2 hit in 1998. A year later, 'She's More' also reached that same position.

What You're Missing: His Southern rock voice is country to the core. He's one killer song away from becoming a huge concert draw and a radio favorite.

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4. Hayes Carll

Standout Song: 'She Left Me for Jesus'

Taste of Success: The above-mentioned tune earned him the Americana Music Association's award for Song of the Year in 2008.

What You're Missing: His take on a two-timing girlfriend wasn't exactly radio-friendly (or politically correct) but like his best songs, it's unforgettable.

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3. Julie Roberts

Standout Song: 'Break Down Here'

Taste of Success: Julie scored a gold-certified debut album in 2004.

What You're Missing: One of the most incredibly soulful country voices you will ever hear. Period.

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2. Holly Williams

Standout Song: 'Three Days in Bed'

Taste of Success: She's toured throughout the world and with the likes of Ron Sexsmith and Billy Bob Thornton.

What You're Missing: A voice so compelling and magical, it's impossible not to hang on her every note -- and the spaces between the notes.

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1. Randy Houser

Standout Song: 'Anything Goes'

Taste of Success: A virtually unknown Randy was invited to perform 'Anything Goes' on the 'Late Show With David Letterman' before it was even a hit.

What You're Missing: Like the best classic country, he'll have you cryin' in your beer before you know what hit you.

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