The Secret Sisters will be spending Valentine's Day flying to Amsterdam for their first European tour with Ray LaMontagne. While they still have to pack for the trip and make an appearance on the Grand Ole Opry before they leave, you can guarantee that isn't coming between them and their Grammy viewing plans for this Sunday (February 13).

After hearing that Bob Dylan is performing a tribute to acoustic music with Mumford & Sons and the Avett Brothers at the awards shows, the siblings' packing plans have been shifted. "Well, I'm definitely watching now," Secret Sister Lydia Rogers tells The Boot. "Bob Dylan is my hero!"

"We'll watch in between stuffing suitcases full of clothes," sister Laura adds with a laugh.

"The Grammys are always interesting to me," Laura continues. "Everybody tells me that Lady Antebellum is going to be really good, and I'm proud for them. They're truly talented. We don't listen to a lot of mainstream country, but I think that of all mainstream country they are one of the acts that I can really appreciate. I know they are capable. I saw them sing the national anthem, and that is hard to sing, and anybody who can knock that out -- awesome. They did a really great job. That to me was, 'I believe in you, you're legit.'"

But the trio aren't the only Grammy nominees this duo are hoping to see win. "We are pulling for Ray LaMontagne so hard; we are die hard fans," Laura says. "Our producer, Dave Cobb, one of the albums he worked on with Jamey Johnson is actually up for a Grammy, so we would love to see him win. Obviously, we support anyone that we've met, worked with, toured with."

Somewhere in the midst of packing and awards watching, the sisters will also be celebrating Valentine's. "I'm going out with a very close friend of mine on the Sunday before we leave," Laura admits. "We decided we would be each others Valentine, so we didn't have to go Valentine-less. It's no fun to not have a Valentine."

"I'm completely single and I'm completely OK with it," Lydia says with gusto.

Lydia's comment naturally leads to the girls' feelings on dating. "We make the joke all that time that no one is allowed to date a Secret Sister right now because we're not people right now; we're just touring machines," Laura explains. "For the longest time we're just not going to be on the market. You can't be my boyfriend, sorry."

However, they do something for one another to make up for the absent of a significant other. "We usually get each other candy," Lydia says. "You better believe I'm packing in some chocolate for the flight to Europe! [laughs]"

The Secret Sisters play the Grand Ole Opry Saturday night (February 12) before hitting Holland, France, Belgium, the UK and Ireland. Their first show Stateside is with Loretta Lynn March 17 in Washington, D.C. Get Secret Sister tour details here.