There's no shortage of new country songs, no matter what kind you're looking for. Read on to hear all the latest!

Drive-By Truckers, "Thoughts & Prayers":

The Drive-By Truckers' 2016 album, American Band, delivered cutting sociopolitical commentary on the tumultuous, deeply divided state of America. The group tells Billboard that they initially saw themselves moving on to different subjects with their next batch of new music, The Unraveling, but the same well of inspiration continued to prove fruitful.

"We didn't want to repeat ourselves and keep saying the same s--t. But I don't think it occurred to us that things would take the turn they have nationally and politically, and s--t just kept happening that kept inspiring us to write these kinds of songs -- even just for our own sanity's sake," frontman Patterson Hood explains. -- CL

Tenille Arts, "Somebody Like That":

Tenille Arts performed her new single, "Somebody Like That," on The Bachelor earlier in January, and appropriately enough, the song is a mantra for love worth keeping around. Bubbly and upbeat, the song sets the bar high for the kind of love Arts is looking for.

"Somebody Like That" is the first track off of Arts' new album, Love, Heartbreak & Everything in Between, which came out on Jan. 10. Split into three themed parts, the project covers -- as the title suggests -- finding love, navigating heartbreak and navigating all the other ups and downs of life. -- CL

The Lone Bellow, "Good Times":

Coming off of the Lone Bellow's upcoming new record, Half Moon Light, "Good Times" is a joyful and ebullient celebration of good memories, good friends and good story-telling. The band tells Billboard that they were inspired to write the song by all the wild travel and adventure stories they'd heard from friends.

"Some were told on old boats way out in the middle of the ocean, some in Irish pubs in Manhattan, some in backyards down south, some on hospital beds," the band's Zach Williams explains. "So the song's just a celebration of these stories and these people who grabbed life by the horns and let no good time slip away." -- CL

Brandon Lay, "For My Money":

In his latest release, “For My Money,” Brandon Lay is navigating a new relationship with someone who likes to live a little outside of his humble means. Throughout the course of the song Lay tells the story of a woman that loves him based on the misunderstanding that he is wealthy.

Instead of coming clean about his circumstances, Lay doubles downs on his lie, singing “Well, she climbs in my Silverado / Cause my Ferrari is in the shop / Yeah, when my momma calls me / I tell her it's from overseas / oh yeah I want to tell her everything / But when she kissed me things changed, yeah." "For My Money" was written by Lay alongside Andrew DeRoberts. -- CC

The Secret Sisters, "Hand Over My Heart":

Leading up to the release of their Brandi Carlile-produced new album, Saturn ReturnThe Secret Sisters have shared one of the album's most upbeat, positive tracks. "Hand Over My Heart" conveys a message that, the band warns Variety, isn't necessarily indicative of the rest of the record.

"I feel like this song is a standout track throughout the span of our songwriting, just because historically we tend to write heavier songs about love and loss and sadness,” bandmate Laura Rogers reveals. “We were both trying to kind of go in a happier direction with this song. I certainly had my current husband in mind as we were writing it and, you know, the feeling of finally finding someone that can pick up all your broken pieces and handle you with all the sharp edges." -- CL

Logan Mize and Willie Jones, “I Ain’t Gotta Grow Up”:

Not wanting to grow up is a common theme in music, and one that is boldly present in Logan Mize and Willie Jones’ song “I Ain’t Gotta Grow Up.” In their age defying anthem, Mize and Jones talk about staying out until the sun comes up, cashing in on kisses and throwing countless drinks back. The pair hammer the fun point home: “So hand your boy a cold beer / Cause I’m just getting started / Gonna steal a kiss from a little miss / Life of the party / If I live forever / Well, that ain’t long enough / Everyday I get a little older / But I ain’t gotta grow up.” “I Ain’t Gotta Grow Up” was penned by Kyle Fishman, Dallas Davidson and Rhett Akins. --CC

Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers, “California”:

The state of California gets a quirky, banjo-inflected soundtrack in Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers' newest release, "California." The song encourages listeners -- and one particular long-lost ex-girlfriend -- to pack up and move out to the west coast, in favor of a life full of sunshine, cocktails and more. The song is the newest collaboration between Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers: They also released two albums in 2011 and 2017. -- CL

Filmore, “State I’m In”:

Filmore is trying to escape the memory of what once was in “State I’m In.” Throughout the course of the fast-paced song, Filmore explains he’s keeping busy and moving along both literally and figuratively in attempts to get his ex out of his headspace.

“‘State I’m In’ is a reflection on a time in my life where all I was trying to do was outrun and forget about my ex,” shares Filmore in a press release about the song. “It showcases the emotion and struggle I was going through by highlighting my everyday actions. The song talks about a state of mind when trying to move on from someone that you still love. The good memories are the hardest to forget.” --CC

A Thousand Horses, “Drinking Song”:

No matter if a person typically likes songs about heartbreak or true love, A Thousand Horses is betting that everyone will raise one up to a drinking song. “Drinking Song” is the second song A Thousand Horses has shared from their upcoming full-length release, expected sometime later this year.

Throughout "Drinking Song" the group sings about the different types of music people listen to but how they can all appreciate a good drinking song and the great moods that come along with them. "Drinking Song" was recorded at the iconic RCA Studio A in Music City, it was produced by well-known producer Dave Cobb. -- CC

Marcus King, “Beautiful Stranger”:

Marcus King is laying the smooth romance on thick with the release of “Beautiful Stranger.” In the slow song, King sings as if directly to a girl in a bar, about how she can come sit with him and everything will be ok.

"'Beautiful Stranger' is a story about longing, searching for love,” King explains in a press release about the song. He continues, “We tried to paint a picture of a dim lit bar, lost souls finding one another before last call." “Beautiful Stranger” was written by King, Dan Auerbach and Paul Overstreet. -- CC

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