If your New Year's resolution was to listen to more country music, you're in luck: Superstars and newcomers alike had fresh country songs to share this week. Read on to get to know all the latest.

Adam Doleac, "Famous":

Adam Doleac's flirtatious tune, "Famous," is officially headed to country radio. The song impressed fans back in November when its music video starred real-life The Bachelor couple Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph's love story.

With over 30 million streams already under its belt, the song will soon go on to be the soundtrack to even more love stories. "Famous" will begin impacting country radio on Jan. 13. -- CL

Sam Hunt, "Sinning With You":

In his latest release, “Sinning With You,” Sam Hunt is giving praise to not only God but also to a partner that made him feel accepted and complete. Throughout the sultry R&B number, Hunt reflects on growing up with a religion that taught him sex was wrong. With someone he loves, though, sex doesn't feel at odds with spirituality.

My past was checkered / Your spotless record / Was probably in jeopardy / Your place or my place / His grace and your grace / Felt like the same thing to me.” Of course, Hunt also admits in “Sinning With You” that the two did somethings that the bible doesn’t condone, but when he was her it didn’t feel wrong. “If it's so wrong why did it feel so right / If it's so wrong why'd it never feel like / Sinning with you / Sinning with you,” he sings in the chorus. -- CC

Morgan Wallen, "This Bar":

Morgan Wallen celebrated the New Year by surprise-releasing “This Bar” on New Year’s Eve. Throughout the course of the song, Wallen tells the familiar story of getting older and learning life’s lessons. He does this through remembering all the nights he spent in the dark light of his local bar.

I found myself in this bar / makin' mistakes and makin' new friends," he reflects in the chorus. " I was growin' up and nothin' made sense / Buzzin' all night like neon in the dark / I found myself in this bar....” -- CC

The Secret Sisters, "Hold You Dear":

The Secret Sisters have dropped the poignant, piano-heavy "Hold You Dear," the next track to come off of their forthcoming album, Saturn Return. Perfect for a New Year's reflection, the song speaks to the passage of time and the importance of savoring the moments and people that mean the most.

"And I will hold you dear / While my shadow's long and my eyes are clear / I know these days will pass away / So I will hold you dear," the Sisters sing in the song's chorus. The Brandi Carlile-produced Saturn Return speaks to a tumultuous period in the life of the lives of the bandmates and real-life sisters: They lost both grandmothers and also became first-time mothers over the course of making the record. Saturn Return is due out in February. -- CL

Morgan Myles, "Sanctuary":

Morgan Myles shows her soulful stripes in electric new power ballad "Sanctuary," a new song devoted to celebrating the kind of love that provides shelter from a tough world. Featuring soaring guitar work and dazzling, acrobatic vocal runs, the song spotlights Myles' technical vocal prowess as well as the deep, emotional power of her songs.

"Sanctuary" is the latest tune to be released off her Myles' forthcoming project, Therapy. It follows prior releases such as "Empire." -- CL

The Wood Brothers, "Little Bit Sweet":

The first song that The Wood Brothers recorded for their upcoming album, Kingdom In My Mind, was "Little Bit Sweet." Released as the third single, the song talks about taking all the happy things in life with a little bit of the negative. Together the group sings about the overused “bittersweet” saying in a refreshing way, that that is how things are supposed to be.

"We all have these little kingdoms inside of our minds," Chris Wood explains in a press release. "Without really planning it out, the songs on this album all ended up exploring that idea in some way or another. They look at the ways we deal with our dreams and our regrets and our fears and our loves. They look at the stories we tell ourselves and the ways we balance the darkness and the light." -- CC

Caroline Marquard, "Keep My Eyes on You":

Almost every relationship has it ups and downs, what starts off as perfect can hit a nasty rough patch. This is what Caroline Marquard is singing about in her newly released song, "Keep My Eyes On You." The song is about not giving up and facing the bad times, in hopes the good ones will come back around.

"'Keep My Eyes on You’ is one of the songs I hold dearest to my heart because I’ve felt the feeling of holding on tight to someone you love - for better or worse - more than once," Marquard explains in a press release. "I hope people can connect with it and see someone or something they love in this story too.”"Keep My Eyes On You" was written by Marquard along with Jordan Lehning and Jase Blankfort. -- CC

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