Up-and-coming country quartet the Last Bandoleros have officially debuted the music video for their song “River Man.” Readers can press play above to watch.

“River Man” is a quintessential late-summer tune, all about relaxing on the side of a riverbank and letting go of your worries, at least for a little while. Listeners might not know it from the song's decidedly frenetic and intense vibe, though.

“Lay your burdens at your feet / Let the river wash you clean / Get ready, I’m ready,” sing the Last Bandoleros in the chorus of "River Man. "Give your weary head a rest; it’s alright to let go / Singin’ hallelujah in the mud / Take me to the river all night long.”

The video for “River Man” features footage from the Last Bandoleros’ equally energetic live shows.

“We wrote "River Man" about going someplace you love to reset whenever life gets a bit crazy,” the band says in a statement. “It's fun to take fans along for the ride when we play the song live.”

Made up of brothers Diego and Emilio Navaira, as well as Jerry Fuentes and Derek James, the Last Bandoleros released their debut EP in September of 2016 and have been building a strong fanbase ever since. With a unique blend of Brit-pop, country-rock and Latin flair, the foursome has become known for their genre-bending music; the group insists that their fresh take on country is a result of all four members working together with equal input.

“On each song, it’s four people playing,” Diego Navaira tells The Boot of the band’s creative process. “Here’s us four — soup to nuts — doing everything … we’re playing on the album, we’re recording the album, we’re writing all the songs, we’re playing all our instruments.”

For more information on the Last Bandoleros, visit the band’s official website.

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