The Cadillac Three have released the music video for their latest single, "White Lightning." The song is from their upcoming new album on Big Machine.

"White Lightning" was written by lead vocalist Jaren Johnston, about his wife Evyn, who appears in the video.

"I'm a very lucky fella; not many people get to be with a woman like mine," Johnston tells ETonline. "I fell fast and hard. I remember thinking it was kind of like being struck by lightning. The hair on the back of my neck stood up, and I got the shakes the first time I saw her. When I wrote "White Lightning," I sat down and put that experience into this song the best way I could."

The video, which shows the band performing the song interspersed with separate scenes of the married couple, is a true depiction of their relationship.

"My wife Evyn and I had a blast -- basically just told the director how it happened, and we went step by step," Johnston explains. "I damn sure hope it's a hit, but if nothing else, Ev and I will always have that video for our kids, and it will help explain how daddy saw 'white lightning' when he met mama."

The Cadillac Three have already released "The South" and "Party Like You" from the upcoming record, which they reveal is close to being finished.

"We're almost done. We don't have a date yet," Johnston says. "It's right in the middle of the songwriting side of both ends of the spectrum. "Party Like You" and "White Lightning" are a good mix of what it's all gonna be."

Download "White Lightining" on iTunes.