The Band Perry have released the video for their single 'Gentle on My Mind.' The song, recorded and released by Glen Campbell in both 1967 and 1968, is included on the 'Glen Campbell ... I'll Be Me' soundtrack.

The video, shot in Death Valley, Calif., alternates between shots of the sibling trio singing and those telling the story of a man who chooses to live on his own in the wilderness, rather than staying with the woman he loves.

"What a beautiful lyric," Kimberly Perry tells Nashville's Tennessean. "Every time we're singing it in our three-part family harmony, it feels like we're singing a poem. It's one of the most beautiful lyrics to ever come out of this format, and it's truly an honor to honor Glen with this song, and it's a cool, creative musical moment for the three of us as well."

Adds Neil Perry, "It really shows the amazing power that song has to span the amount of time since it was first recorded. I'd be interested to know how many weeks it's been on the charts. It's just been so relevant all of these years."

The Band Perry had a chance to perform the song with Campbell at the 2012 Grammy Awards, before the effects of Alzheimer's forced the country music icon to stop performing.

The threesome also performed the song when they headlined the benefit screening of 'Glen Campbell ... I'll Be Me' in Nashville, Tenn., in October, as well as at the recent 2014 CMA Awards. Watch their performance here.

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