Glen Campbell is doing just fine, according to his wife, Kim. The singer, who was moved to a residential care facility in April after his Alzheimer's disease progressed until he needed round-the-clock care, seems to be doing as well as can be expected.

"Glen is doing really well," she tells Broadway at Connecticut's Country 92-5. "He's happy and content. He's physically strong and healthy, but he has a hard time communicating."

The singer's final song, 'I'm Not Gonna Miss You,' was released last month. Campbell wrote the song with singer and producer Julian Raymond for his compelling documentary, 'Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me,' which will open in theaters on Oct. 24.

"I'm just so happy to be involved in this thing," Raymond says. "This movie has been a blessing, and everybody involved in it has done such amazing work to get this thing over. I'm just pleased that people like the music and, more importantly, the message this thing sends, which is, Glen is such a great guy in tackling this situation in showing the world that there's hope ... the song was special, and Glen did a great job."

An EP from the documentary, which includes a performance by the Band Perry, is available for purchase here. Watch a trailer of 'Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me' here.