A film production company has filed suit against Glen Campbell over the upcoming documentary 'Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me.'

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Record Company production house filed suit against Campbell for breach of contract on Monday (Sept. 29), claiming it was "excluded from participating in the documentary in every way" despite what it claims was an exclusive agreement with the singer.

The filing hinges on the participation of director and producer James Keach, who also produced the Johnny Cash biopic 'Walk the Line.' A 2011 agreement specified that the production company had the exclusive rights to develop a project with Keach based on Campbell or with Campbell's participation. The agreement reportedly stated that even past the terms of the deal, if any project with Campbell also involved Keach, the Record Company's exclusivity would be revived, as it was "the exclusive contact" for Keach and solely responsible for introducing him to Campbell.

The suit alleges that during the terms of the agreement, Campbell began his Goodbye Tour and filming began on 'I'll Be Me,' which documents that tour and Campbell's struggle with Alzheimer's. The company is suing Campbell and Glen Campbell Enterprises for breach of contract, alleging that Campbell is excluding it from any credit, ownership and revenue for the documentary. The company also claims breach of fiduciary duty, and the filing demands an accounting of Campbell's earnings from the film.

According to Deadline, the suit raises serious legal questions concerning the validity of contracts signed by people with Alzheimer's. Campbell signed an early draft of the agreement at the center of the lawsuit on June 7, 2011,  just two weeks before he revealed his Alzheimer's diagnosis to the public. According to the suit, the contract was finalized on June 30 -- a week after Campbell’s announcement.

'Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me' premiered at the Nashville Film Festival in April and won the Gibson Music City / Music City Films Grand Jury Prize. The film mixes footage from Campbell’s Goodbye Tour with stories from artists and celebrities including Blake SheltonSheryl CrowKeith UrbanBrad PaisleyTaylor SwiftVince Gill, Steve Martin, Bruce Springsteen, Bill Clinton, the Edge, Paul McCartney, Jimmy Webb and Jay Leno. It is set for theatrical release on Oct. 24. Watch the trailer here.