The Band Perry are preparing for a comeback. The sibling trio has been sharing a series of cryptic messages -- including photos and videos -- on their social media platforms, teasing the release of a brand-new single, coming Aug. 1.

TBP's new single is titled "Comeback Kid." They shared some of the song's lyrics in a video recently released to media members.

"They like you kick you when you're down / They like it better when you're there on the ground / And up 'til now, I've never made a sound," the song goes. "I bet they've never had a broken heart / But they sure know how to beat the hell out of one / Sometimes I think they do it just for the fun."

The Perrys have also shared some hints as to the lyrics of "Comeback Kid" through videos (like the one above).

"But no, I'm not leaving, even though I'm bleeding / Even though this nightmare makes me wish I was dreaming / Even though I hate it, I'm gonna take it / Until I win / 'Cause I'mma come back / I'm a comeback kid," "Comeback Kid" continues. "Don't know why bad things happen, but they did / I don't think I deserve the hurt I get / But I'm made for it / It's not the end, no, not the end / I'm a comeback kid / Down for a minute, I'll get up again / Looks like I'm breaking, but it's just a bend / It's not over yet, 'cause in the end / I'mma come back / I'm a comeback kid."

After releasing their first two albums with Big Machine Label Group, the Band Perry announced in March that they and BMLG had parted ways. In May, they has signed a joint deal with Interscope Records and Universal Music Nashville.

"We know there have been a lot of voices out there trying to tell their version of our story. We've chosen to remain quiet until now because it was important to us that our actions speak louder than our words, but now it's our turn to tell our own story," Kimberly Perry explains in a second video that was recently released to the media. Of "Comeback Kid," she says, "It's not only the narrative of everything that we've been thinking or feeling, but so much bigger than that, it's the story of anybody who's walked through a challenging time and come out on the other side of it better and wiser and so much stronger."

In August of 2015, TBP released a pop-heavy single, “Live Forever,” which didn’t fare particularly well at country radio, and in October, the band announced a new album, Heart + Beat; however, since then, no additional details about the record have been revealed. This summer, “Live Forever” will serve as Team USA’s official song for the Summer Olympics.

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