If you're feeling blue today, perhaps the Band Perry's new single, "Live Forever," can help you start feeling a little ... yellow?

The sibling trio of Kimberly, Reid and Neil Perry, known for their high-energy, raucous and entertaining sets, debuted the brand-new tune on Good Morning America on Friday (Aug. 14). Fans were encouraged to wear yellow, and the band showed up with yellow mics, yellow lights and yellow accents. Even GMA host Robin Roberts was wearing the sunny color!

""Live Forever" was one of the last songs that we wrote for the new record that we've been working on for a couple years," Kimberly Perry told Roberts in an interview, before she and her brothers performed the song. "And when we penned this song, we were like, 'This is absolutely the first thing that all of you guys need to hear from the Band Perry.'

"The color yellow [was] basically what was going on in our heads and in our hearts while we were writing it," Perry adds. "A lot of electrified [sic]; we felt empowered and happy."

TBP's new song was produced by RedOne and Dann Huff and features gang vocals and a whole lot of joy.

"You will be my only one / Hold my hand so we can run / You and I, we're staying young / We're gonna live, gonna live forever," Kimberly Perry sings. "This time I want it all / I want it right now / Want to feel the fall / Go, go crazy / Go, go crazy / We're gonna live  / We're gonna live forever." 

"Every time I hear the chorus of "Live Forever," I can't help but put my hands up in the air," says Reid Perry in a press release. "It's one of those songs that, after listening to it, makes you feel like you can conquer the world."

Adds Neil Perry, "I can't wait for people to hear and learn the words to "Live Forever." It's such an anthemic song, and I know it's going to be a huge sing-a-long moment for us with the fans at our shows!"

The new single is worlds different from the first song the band ever wrote — about a pet bunny rabbit — but TBP maintain a childlike exuberance and zest for life in "Live Forever." Their new record will feature several collaborators including Pharrell Williams, Diplo and Audra Mae.

Listen to the Band Perry, "Live Forever":

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