During their time in country music, Kimberly, Neil and Reid Perry -- a.k.a., sibling trio the Band Perry -- had it all: great genes (have you seen their hair?), perfectly in-sync vocals, a riveting stage presence and a massive fan following. Plus, their music videos were one-of-a-kind, the sort of videos that we always eagerly anticipate, wondering what type of mood they'd set this time around.

Whether the video was ultra dramatic or sweetly innocent, the now-gone-pop trio put their best foot forward every time they released a clip. Below, The Boot selects our Top 5 music videos from the Band Perry.

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    "If I Die Young"

    Innocent, nostalgic, mournful and ultimately redemptive, this video feels the exact way "If I Die Young" sounds. In the video, Kimberly Perry is shown in a canoe, wearing a sweet pink dress and holding a book of poems by Tennyson. As she sets sail, it shows her mother and love interest looking visibly shaken and sad; all of a sudden, the gorgeous star sits up in the canoe, her brothers pull her out, and she is lovingly embraced by all those who were feeling the ache of missing her. The video is a sharp reminder of the heartbreaking sadness of dying young, and the Band Perry pulled off this serious subject in an artistic, truthful and impactful way.

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    We're not sure if anyone else has tried to create a music video featuring a human chess game. But if they have, we're sure of this: TBP's version takes the cake. The catchy breakup song "Done" is brought to life on the set of a human-sized chess board, with the band and other characters dressed up as real-life chess pieces. The video features the Perrys and their counterparts preparing for battle, wearing either black or white and painting their faces with war paint. The teams charge one another, but eventually, the white team emerges victorious. The creativity, passion and perfectly styled set makes this music video a TBP standout.

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    "Gentle on My Mind"

    When the band performed Glen Campbell's "Gentle on My Mind" at the 2014 CMA Awards, it brought down the house. And the song's music video is equally touching, telling the story of a woman who lets the man she loves go free and into the wilderness because he "had to go." Filmed in stunning Death Valley, Calif., the video alternates between the Perry siblings singing and footage of the man who is out in the wild -- with the woman he loves always on his mind. At the end, there's promise of a reunion, but the most beautiful part of the video is the adventure ... and the willingness to let someone you love roam free and without fear.

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    "Better Dig Two"

    Haunting, obsessive and riveting describe the Band Perry's song "Better Dig Two," and the corresponding video is a visual interpretation of the tune. It's creepy and ominous in the best sort of way, taking place in a spooky forest. A bride and groom are shown, completely in love -- but maybe a little too in love. The band is interspersed throughout, donning all black and participating in the nuptials as well as performing the song. The wedding reception, held in the forest, lends to the dark mood, with bugs and worms infiltrating the massive spread of food. Plus, a gravedigger is shown doing his job, hinting that the couple's demise may be soon, because when one of them goes, there will be not one, but two, graves to dig.

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    The music video for "Chainsaw" cuts to the heart and leaves a lasting impression. Possibly one of the most entertaining music videos ever, TBP absolutely shines throughout the clip, and the storyline is funny, dramatic and oh-so relatable. If you've carved your and a love's names into a tree and now regret it, this video's for you. The music video for "Chainsaw" was filmed in Oregon and shows the trio doing what anyone would want to do: sawing down the emotionally charged trees. Featuring the hilarious Love Is Shady Tree Business, a whole bunch of trees going timber and the unmatchable energy of TBP live in concert, this video tops our list.

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