The Avett Brothers are gearing up for the release of a new album, True Sadness, and in advance of the project's debut, they've shared one of its tracks, "Divorce Separation Blues."

"Divorce Separation Blues" is an old-time-sounding song from the perspective of someone going through a tough divorce.

“It is odd to me that more songs aren’t specifically written about divorce, considering how painfully common the event has become," Seth Avett -- who himself got divorced in 2013 -- tells the Huffington Post. "In this particular case, the idea for the song came along as a yodel, which I have no explanation for, except that I am a sucker for a sad song presented in a relatively bright or conversational way."

Indeed, the downtrodden lyrics of "Divorce Separation Blues" are accompanied by a surprisingly peppy melody ... and, as Avett notes, some yodeling in between verses. Readers can press play below to hear the tune.

True Sadness is available for pre-order on iTunes. It is set for release on June 24.

“I think this was — every record we’ve done since I and Love and You, the process has gotten more enjoyable, and that may be because we’re just getting so familiar with each other and familiar with [producer] Rick [Rubin], and we’re happy to do it, we’re lucky to do it, and I think that whole vibe and atmosphere, it get on the recording,” Avett Brothers bassist Bob Crawford tells The Boot. “I hope it gets — I’d like to say ‘onto the tapes’ — I hope it gets gets into the Pro Tools, and that it can be picked up by the listener.”

The Avett Brothers are scheduled to play at Mountain Jam for the fifth time on Sunday (June 5).

Listen to the Avett Brothers, "Divorce Separation Blues":

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