After a four-year wait, Terri Clark has announced a brand-new upcoming album, and has also drop the first single off the project, "Young As We Are Tonight." Readers can press play above to listen to the the vibrant anthem, which sets the tone for Clark's 11th studio album, Raising the Bar. 

"The wait is over! I’m so excited to announce my new album, Raising the Bar, is coming September 14th! You can preorder the album and listen to my new single, "Young As We Are Tonight,"” Clark posted on Twitter on Thursday (Aug. 30). The upbeat, seize-the-day message of "Young As We Are Tonight" finds a grounded and frank delivery in Clark's trademark resonating Canadian twang.

"Look at us / Where we are / Just livin' in a field of stars / Just some hearts / With some dreams / Running wild like kings and queens / At the county fair little town somewhere / Sundown fades you get lost in the midway lights / And that look in her eye / You got two tickets to the show called life," the first verse begins, throwing down a carpe-diem challenge that Clark drives home in the chorus.

"Whatever you're holdin' in / Let it go / Let it disappear in a ring a smoke / Kiss the sky / Send up a prayer / Wherever you're goin' just go there," the song continues. "Take a look around for a minute / Take a picture in your mind / And send it to yourself cause the truth is you and I / We're never gonna be as young as we are tonight / As young as we are tonight."

Rasing the Bar is available for pre-order now, and slated for release on Sept. 14. Check out Clark's website for a complete tour schedule.

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