Taylor Swift, Matt BarkleyTaylor Swift has been the object of affection from teen pop star Justin Bieber to the two Auburn University students who campaigned to get a hug from her ... and now an NCAA college football player. University of Southern California quarterback Matt Barkley is one of many of the superstars admirers, but this week, he made sure he stood out from the rest of the pack by taking to his Twitter.

"I wonder what it would take to get @taylorswift13 to come to a game at the Coliseum," Matt tweeted.

Several of his followers re-Tweeted his message and offered possible suggestions. "I just put it out there as kind of a joke, and then it caught on. I was pleased," he told the Orange County Register. "Hopefully we can make that happen. Get her Notre Dame tickets or something. We'll see."

When Matt was reminded that she is probably a regular in Los Angeles with her singing career, the star QB acknowledged it, joking, "She is. And she's never said hi. I'm disappointed."

Matt admitted it started out as a joke, but also revealed, "I kind of want to meet her ... I've met Will Ferrell. That was sweet. But Taylor Swift would be sweeter."

The 19-year-old athlete's teammate, linebacker Chris Galippo, says he has already picked out a one-name tag for them: "Swarkley."

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