Comedian Ray Stevens has been making people laugh for more than 50 years, and he's not about to stop anytime soon. The 75-year-old has just launched the first webisode of his new weekly web series, 'Rayality TV.'

"Over the years I have produced hours and hours of videotape and film footage for TV shows, TV pilots, movies, stage shows, concerts and music videos," Stevens says.  "Recently I sorted it all out, linked it together with some new footage and produced a series of programs for the web titled 'Rayality TV.' It's fast, fun and funny. We'll be offering up a new webisode each week for months to come. I hope you like it."

In the debut episode, the Georgia native gets a speeding ticket, and is sentenced to serve time at at a retirement home for entertainers, the Encore. Darrell Waltrip makes a cameo appearance in the hilarious clip.

'Rayality' will run for 78 weeks. Upcoming episodes will include cameo appearances by Steve Martin, Louise Mandrell and Ralph Emery, as well as music legends who have passed away, including George Jones, Phil Everly and Andy Williams. A new webisode will be released each Friday.