On Tuesday night (Aug. 6), Brad Paisley helped Jimmy Kimmel welcome a few brand-new United States citizens. The country star sang a hilarious ode about our ... er, cherished freedoms, as part of a special guest-filled moment.

Before Paisley's performance, the Los Angeles Kings hockey team's PA announcer Dave Joseph introduced six new Americans as Kimmel's house band performed Neil Young's "Coming to America." The studio audience cheered loudly for each new citizen, each of whom walked out onstage via a makeshift catwalk of sorts.

Paisley's song, meanwhile, began as a hilariously stereotypical country tune (“Congratulations citizens / We’re happy that you’re here / Come on in and take a load off / Grab yourself an ice-cold beer"), but then became a list of new (and totally weird) freedoms these six people can now enjoy: eating deep-fried butter at a fair, wearing socks with their Crocs, shopping half-naked at Target, blowing off their fingers with fireworks, marrying a Kardashian and creating an Instagram account for their dog, among others.

"Are you getting all this? It's in the Bill of Rights," Paisley joked during a brief interlude. His performance concluded with a guitar solo and a rendition of "My Country Tis of Thee" as red, white and blue streamers came down onstage and someone dressed in a bald eagle costume "flew" around stage.

Kimmel introduced the skit with a politicized monologue about recent events before noting that, despite America's problems, every week, immigrants from across the globe take the oath of U.S. citizenship. Citizenship ceremonies are so common and mundane that, Kimmel says, he wanted to offer a follow-up celebration because "becoming an American should be more exciting than a trip to the DMV.”

Paisley's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! comes during his ongoing World Tour. A portion of all ticket sales will go to The Store, a free, referral-based grocery store that Paisley and his wife, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, in partnership with Belmont University, are spearheading in Nashville.

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