Carrie Underwood's 'The Sound of Music Live! soared in the ratings, earning the No. 1 spot with 18.5 million viewers for the live broadcast, which aired on Thursday, Dec. 5.

But perhaps the true measure of success for the show is the spoof 'Saturday Night Live' did of the performance, bringing out several of their most-beloved cast members for the clip.

SNL's Kate McKinnon took on Underwood's role of Maria von Trapp, with Tran Killiam portraying Captain von Trapp. Veteran comedienne Kristen Wigg reprised her role as Doonese, the character with the huge forehead and tiny hands, who became one of the von Trapp children.

The spoof condensed several of the show's three-hour highlights into a few minutes, including a hilarious rendition of the song 'Do Re Me,' complete with a few lines clearly geared to adult humor.

But while Underwood hopefully took the spoof in fun, one thing she was not amused by was the backlash she, along with some of the other cast members, took following the broadcast.


Still, even the naysayers couldn't detract from the Oklahoma native's joy at pulling off the tough performance. “Glory to God tonight…I couldn’t be more proud,” she said, after the show wrapped. “What a tough thing to pull off and we did it! I am so blessed!!!”