Taylor Swift's 'Mine' video marks a whole new level of acting for the country superstar. The song, she explains, was inspired by her tendency to "run from love." But the heroine in the video overcomes hardships to find love -- getting married and having two children! It's Taylor's first time to play a bride and a mom.

"The little kids on set were my favorite part about shooting this video, because there was such child-like energy about the whole shoot," Taylor tells The Boot. "There was always some little kid laughing in the background or screaming and chasing each other around. I nicknamed them 'The Littles.'"

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Some of 'The Littles' were handpicked by Taylor to be in the video. Professional wrestler Jeff Jarrett's daughter Jaclyn plays the young Taylor, who is tormented by her parents' arguing. Jeff's other daughters, Jeryn and Joslyn, also appear in the clip. Taylor has reportedly grown close to Jarrett's kids after meeting them back in 2007, when their mom was battling breast cancer. She treated the wrestler's little girls to not only their first taste at country stardom but also a vacation!

"You see a few different kids in the video, but what you don't realize is that every single one of them has really big families," Taylor explains. "So I flew all of their families to Maine, so that they could have everyone there like they were on vacation. So, there were so many more kids running around than you saw on screen ... probably 20 kids under the age of 10."

The 'Mine' video was shot in Kennebunk and Kennebunkport, Maine, earlier this summer. Not long after Taylor and her video crew arrived, word spread like wildfire across the tiny town that she was there. Fans gathered at the scene of the wedding, Christ Church in Kennebunk, to get a glimpse of their favorite singer.

"It was really cool having the town all come together and all be buzzing about the video," says Taylor, who happily posed for pictures and signed autographs. "People showed up to where we were filming wearing my tour T-shirts. It's a small town, and they really showed us a lot of love. It was wonderful."