It's a few weeks before the release of her third studio album, 'Speak Now,' and Taylor Swift has a sparkle in her eye like a kid waiting for Christmas. The Boot sat down with the 20-year-old superstar at Nashville's Starstruck Studios to talk about what was then a top-secret project, with only one of its songs, 'Mine,' revealed to salivating fans around the world. And Taylor was all but jumping out of her seat at the anticipation of giving those fans the remaining 13 tracks on her entirely self-penned project.

"These songs are confessions," Taylor told The Boot, "and every single confession on this album is sort of like that moment when you stand up at a wedding and say, 'Wait!' And whether it's saying, 'Wait, I'm sorry,' or 'Wait, what you said really hurt me,' ... or 'Wait, I secretly love you,' you're making confessions and you're speaking now. The moment will slip by if you don't say anything."

Looking lovely in a light gray sweater and black shorts, Taylor sat with one leg crossed underneath her on a big comfy chair under the bright lights of the studio, as we talked to her about new topics she tackles on this album, along with her signature theme of love. Just a few minutes into our chat and the cameras seemed invisible, as the notoriously affable songbird made us feel like we were just talking to an old friend in her living room. Watch our conversation with Taylor below.

Watch Taylor's Exclusive Interview With The Boot


Taylor's "confessions" are now revealed, with 'Speak Now' released this week and predicted to have the biggest first-week sales of any album this year. For the blonde beauty, it's almost like a weight is being lifted off her shoulders, as her two years' worth of tirelessly crafted secrets are being let out of their cages.

"You write about things nobody knows you went through," Taylor admits, explaining that she's more comfortable putting her personal memories to music than she is talking about them in interviews. "I don't know any other way of writing songs than writing detailed songs that are stories in musical form ... My main focus when I'm writing a song is the person I'm writing it about, what they're going to think of it and them knowing what I feel about them. A lot of times, they don't know exactly what I felt. Somehow I feel more comfortable saying it all to them in a song ... that many more people are going to hear than if I just sent a text message! [laughs] But that's just how I feel more comfortable expressing myself."