Taylor Swift Taylor Lautner

Taylor Swift has been making the TV rounds lately, where the teen star has been talking about her movie debut in 'Valentine's Day.' During a recent appearance on ''The Ellen Degeneres Show,' Taylor talked about co-starring in the film with numerous A-list actors, including Jamie Foxx, Queen Latifah, Bradley Cooper, Julia Roberts and 'Twilight' star Taylor Lautner, among others.

While on the movie set, Taylor says that her scenes shot with actor-Taylor were a bit comical, given their shared name. So singer-Taylor helped the director with a way to separate the two.

"That was confusing! It was like, 'Taylor -- to makeup ... Not you -- the other one! Taylor -- on your mark ... Not you -- the tan one!'" Taylor recalled to Ellen with a laugh. "Everybody was so confused. So halfway through the day I was like, 'How about this? You call him Taylor, and call me Swifty.' Problem solved for the rest of the day!"

Ellen made "Swifty" squirm in her seat while flipping through snap shots from the movie of her scenes with Taylor, including one of them locking lips.

"Was that part of the movie?" Ellen asked. "Yeah, yeah, it was!" Taylor answered, giggling.

When asked if the 'Twilight' hunk was a good kisser, Taylor continued with her embarrassed laughter and clutched her fists into her chest.

"What ...?" she asked, playing coy.

Ellen then showed the photo (above) of the two Taylors at a hockey game together in Los Angeles, asking if that was also part of the movie shoot.

"I really like hockey a lot," Taylor answered, blushing. "And it turns out, so does he!"

Look for "Swifty" to host 'Saturday Night Live' on Nov. 7.