Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift is in the middle of her own sold out tour, but she's already thinking about whom she'd like to see on stage while she sits in the audience.

"Tom Petty. I've always wanted to see him in concert. He's been such a musical inspiration on me. I would just love to see him on tour," Taylor told The Boot Tuesday night at the BMI Pop Awards. The 20-year-old music superstar took home song of the year honors for 'Love Story,' which was the most played song for the performing rights organization last year. Taylor is the youngest songwriter to win the award.

If May 18's awards were any indication, Petty will have a very enthusiastic crowd member in Taylor. She often leapt to her feet and danced when a song she liked was singled out for an award. Among those that got her out of her seat? Jordin Sparks' 'Battlefield' (written by Wayne Wilkins), Kings of Leon's 'Use Somebody' (written by the band) and Sean Kingston's 'Fire Burning' (written by Bilal Hajji, Red One).

"I just really like to write songs about boys," Taylor said upon accepting her award, explaining that "Love Story' is her tale about liking a boy her parents didn't like. "I'm not one for fits of teenage rebellion but I said, 'But daddy, I love him!,' stomped into my room, sat down on the floor and wrote it. So thanks for rewarding that behavior."

Taylor has been a leading light in contributing to Nashville flood relief efforts, including donating $500,000 during a May 6 local telethon. She will also play the Nashville Rising concert on June 22. The flood affected many of her friends and colleagues. "People I know lost their homes," she told The Boot before the awards. "You know, you don't consider what a great loss it is to lose your home until it happens to someone very close to you. That's the first time I've ever had to fully wrap my mind around something so tragic as a flood that wipes out an entire community. Driving around and seeing the damage was heartbreaking for me because those were the streets where I grew up, that I learned to drive a car on."