Sunny Sweeney has set a new record as the first female artist to hit the top of the Texas Music Chart with two consecutive No. 1 singles.

Sweeney earned her most recent No. 1 with "My Bed," her latest single, which also features Will Hoge. The chart-topping tune follows her last release, "Bad Girl Phase," which spent two weeks at No. 1 last year.

"Bad Girl Phase" set a record of its own when it hit No. 1, making Sweeney the first female artist in a decade to get to the top spot on the Texas Music Chart.

"I am very honored to be the first female to ever have two No. 1 songs back to back on the Texas Music Chart,” Sweeney says in a press release. “I believe firmly that if you just keep following your heart and working your butt off, you will see the payoff and positive results.

"Being able to finally work with my friend Will Hoge was so exciting for me," she adds. "The addition of his voice completed the song.”

Both "My Bed" and "Bad Girl Phase" come off of Sweeney's most recent album, Provoked. The tunes' success may stem from the fact that the singer doesn't let herself get emotionally attached to any of the songs she writes, choosing instead to pick the best songs for an album, no matter their writer.

"I’ve always said that the best song wins, and I don’t care if you wrote it or your mom wrote it or my dad wrote it or I wrote it. I just want the best songs, and I don’t want filler tracks," she tells The Boot. "I think choosing the songs, first and foremost, is the most important thing, and truthfully, if there weren’t songs, then none of us would have jobs ... So I kinda feel like sometimes the songs get lost, or the importance of songs gets lost. But for me, that’s very important."

Provoked is available for download via Amazon and iTunes.

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