Steve Martin and Edie Brickell have released a music video for their song "Won't Go Back."

The song is off of the duo's second album together, So Familiar, which is the follow-up project to to their 2013 record, Love Has Come for You. The video for "Won't Go Back" was directed by Matt Robertson, Kevin Keiser served as the director of photography, and the clip was produced by Disarm Studio.

The "Won't Go Back" music video opens with Brickell getting into an elevator in a stunning red dress. Once in the elevator, she joins Martin, who already has his banjo in hand. As the clip continues, more eclectic people get on the elevator, and by the end, there are close to a dozen people, ranging from a police officer to a chef, all jamming out to the feel-good song.

"This video, three years in the making, was a delight to work on," Martin tells Vanity Fair. "Especially wonderful to work with was 'hey you' (our director) and 'hey you' (our costumer), and I am deeply indebted to 'hey you' (the woman who sang)."

So Familiar will be released on Oct. 30. It is available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon.

“I guess that this is the logical sequel to the first album, but it’s also different in a lot of ways,” Martin says. “It sounds bigger and wider, and it has a lush feeling that I really like. I think that Edie’s voice sounds beautiful with these arrangements, and I love the way the banjo sounds with strings."