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Steve Martin and Edie Brickell are set to release the followup to their 2013 album, Love Has Come For You.

Martin has become a staple in the bluegrass world with his band the Steep Canyon Rangers, but it was Brickell that he chose to send a new track to after being inspired by a new instrument.

"All my banjo playing friends agree, when you get a new banjo there's always a new song in it waiting to be discovered," Martin tells Rolling Stone. "I had just acquired a new baritone banjo — one that's pitched lower than a regular banjo, and uses thicker, wound strings. I was introduced to it by Bela Fleck who spearheaded its invention. I picked it up and started noodling on it, and this banjo tune came out. I sent it off to Edie, and she worked her magic on it."

The track, "Won't Go Back," became the first release off of their new project, So Familiar, which is set for release on Oct. 30.

"I took a long walk one morning listening to Steve's banjo track playing on my phone and heard myself singing this song as I walked along," Brickell says. "I realized I was determined to leave behind a painful way of thinking and move on to better times. So grateful Steve's banjo melody inspired me in this way."

"Won't Go Back" marries the roots-based sounds of the duo's last collaboration with an added dose of rock and a full band behind it.

"Now at last I've made my mind up/Stubborn as a proverbial mule," Brickell sings. "I won't let you make an ass of this old fool anymore."

Martin, who is set to receive the Distinguished Achievement Award at the 2015 IMBA Awards next month, and Brickell are joined on the So Familiar by Béla Fleck, bassist Leland Sklar, Cobra Starship's Victoria Asher, Mike Einziger of Incubus and film composer and arranger Geoff Zanelli as well as the Steep Canyon Rangers.

"I guess that this is the logical sequel to the first album, but it's also different in a lot of ways," Martin tells Country Standard Time. "It sounds bigger and wider, and it has a lush feeling that I really like. I think that Edie's voice sounds beautiful with these arrangements, and I love the way the banjo sounds with strings. Peter really had a vision for this record, and he really came up with some wonderful things."

So Familiar is available for pre-order via iTunes and Amazon. Hear the new song, "Won't Back Down" below.

Steve Martin and Edie Brickell, So Familiar Track Listing:

1. "So Familiar"
2. "Always Will"
3. "Way Back In The Day"
4. "Won't Go Back"
5. "I'm By Your Side"
6. "I Had A Vision"
7. "I Have You"
8. "Another Round"
9. "Mine All Mine"
10. "Heart Of The Dreamer"
11. "My Baby"
12. "Heartbreaker"