Steve Azar narrates the one-hour television documentary, 'Second Crossing: The Mississippi Delta's Landmark Bridge,' which chronicles the rebuilding of the U.S. Highway 82 Bridge near Greenville, Miss. The Magnolia state native's music can also be heared throughout the special, which premieres March 31.

"The Greenville Bridge is truly a beautiful icon in bridge engineering," says Mitch Carr, Mississippi Department of Transportation bridge engineer. "The documentary provides an excellent opportunity to see some of the details and construction that created this monumental bridge."

The original U.S. Highway 82 crossing was completed in 1940. Since 1972, it had sustained more barge collisions than any other bridge on the Mississippi River, according to the Mississippi Link.

Steve does his best to keep in touch with his roots. He recently told The Boot about what he listens to on the bus: "a lot of jazz going to remind me of my upbringing in the Delta."

In other Steve news, he recently released the third single, 'Hard Road,' from his 'Slide on Over Here' album. The song just debuted on secondary charts.

'Second Crossing: The Mississippi Delta's Landmark Bridge' premieres on the Mississippi Public Broadcasting channel March 31 at 10:00 PM ET.